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Screening is a way to look at a child in comparison to other children his/her age. Parents always want the best for their children and one way of helping a child get a good start is by having him/her screened to see if he/she is developing within the normal range for his/her age or in which areas the child may need help. Eligibility for Early Childhood Title 1 is based on a multi-criteria screening in the following areas: hearing, vision, articulation, developmental skills health history, family information and behavior observations.

Screening is a sample of a child's behavior on a given day. It is not a thorough evaluation or a diagnostic test. Items will be given that cluster around the child's age—some fall below or above his/her age level. The child is not expected to have mastered all skills. A screening determines whether a child's performance is appropriate for his/her age.

Screening is completed throughout the year by Parents as Teachers. Children must turn three on or before July 31 of the year they are screened. For more information about screening, you may contact New Trails at 816.268.7430.